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Compassion and care help Jeff to connect with clients

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‘Humanising’ travel management with a mix of personality, knowledge, empathy and humour has seen Jeff Pike thrive as a Travel Consultant in the Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) over the past seven years.

“Injecting compassion and care into my approach has allowed me to break down barriers and really connect with my clients,” says the energetic Travel Consultant, who excelled in the Flight Centre and Student Flights brands before joining Campus Travel four and a half years ago.

From backpacker to Travel Manager
“In my early days with FCTG, I had returned from backpacking through Europe and had fantastic knowledge and experiences I could share with my customers. I loved being able to show them new avenues they hadn’t explored, turn their itinerary into something amazing and put a smile on their face,” Jeff said.

What Jeff enjoys most about his current role is the people he works for and works with. “We all have the same passion and goals, and I consider my team members more as mates,” he says. “We work hard in solving problems and creating better travel for our academic clients. At the end of each week we enjoy getting together to reflect on the challenges and share our stories and a laugh, knowing every week will bring something new and different.”

“Helping clients navigate our dynamic industry is what inspires me every day.”

“I’m also inspired by being part of the FCTG ‘family’. You get back from the company what you put in and you feel valued and rewarded for hard work. The company allows me to work a four-day week so I can spend the fifth day with my daughter. They also offer work-life balance through programs like MoneyWise, which was a big help to me when I bought my house.”

Adding value on different levels
During his four days in the office, Jeff goes above and beyond for his university clients. “I’ve built great relationships by getting to know the travel bookers on a personal level, being there for them 100% and showing them I care.”

Jeff brings ongoing value to his clients by checking their travel patterns, alerting them to savings opportunities, and negotiating with suppliers. He reads each client’s situation and provides advice that will improve their travel experiences. Jeff also brings value on a personal level. “I’ve had many instances where a client’s travel booker has needed help with flights to deal with serious matters in their personal lives, and I’ll always respond immediately to ease their burden in difficult times.”

While the human factor is number one in Jeff’s approach, he sees potential in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to further simplify travel management. “AI will take the thinking out of travel planning for many clients. It will do some of the legwork that a travel manager doesn’t always have time to do, and I’m excited about the opportunities for AI to make travel even easier for our clients in the near future.”


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