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Cabin baggage becomes a weighty issue for all airlines

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While once only common with low cost airlines, the practice of weighing passenger’s carry-on baggage is now being instigated across all Australian domestic airlines from this week. The airline industry has decided that it’s time to take a united approach to the issue of passengers trying to board with carry-on luggage that flouts the maximum 7kg rule.

Tiger and Jetstar passengers are often asked to present cabin baggage for weighing at check-in or boarding, but now Virgin Australia and Qantas have introduced the practice too – just in time for the busy holiday travel period. Virgin Australia and Qantas will start weighing bags this week, with the rules coming in to full affect on 17 December 2018.

While travellers like the convenience - and cost saving - of carry-on only luggage, domestic airlines have been trying to manage the issue of passengers bring oversized baggage on board for many years. An increase in the number of passengers taking advantage of online check-in has also added to the issue of bags not being sighted or weighed.

Apart from simply not fitting into the overhead lockers, large and heavy bags posing a safety risk to other passengers and airline crew. While airlines are also experiencing flight delays, as crew try to accommodate and stow over sized cabin luggage.

The airlines believe that this new regime is the only way to combat the issue and it’s a move that gets the nod from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. The airlines also report that the majority of passengers are in favour of the crackdown, as the same rules need to apply to all travellers and the change will speed up the boarding process.

So whether you’re travelling for business or leisure be sure to read the baggage conditions relevant to your airfare - long before you leave home.


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