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Cultivate calls for fresh ideas

CULTIVATE CALLS FOR FRESH IDEAS TO CARVE THE WAY FORWARD FOR CORPORATE TRAVELLERS The Flight Centre Travel Group’s (FCTG) new corporate travel think-tank event, Cultivate, will kick off this afternoon in Brisbane amidst a buzz of business...Read more

Record results for FCTG

Corporate travel division boosts FCTG’s half-year financial results The strength of Flight Centre Travel Group’s (FCTG’s) global and Australian corporate businesses, as well as accelerated overseas earnings from other operations, have helped FCTG to...Read more
The Sharing Economy and Business Travel Survey

The Sharing Economy and Business Travel Survey

Welcome to our survey on the sharing economy and business travel We are running a survey on the sharing economy to find out how prevalent the use of services such as Uber and Airbnb are in the academic travel sector. The sharing economy involves the...Read more

Spotlight Webinars

Welcome to Spotlight - our webinar series for the corporate travel sector. Our Spotlight webinars educate and inform organisations on the latest developments, trends and insights into the corporate travel sector. Corporate travel is a feast of...Read more

Travel connects people for life

Seven groups of Australians who prove that travel is the best way to meet people Author: Sue Williams "A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles," US travel writer Tim Cahill once said. And for many people that's absolutely true. While...Read more

Increasing demand to force hotel rates higher in 2019

Travellers can expect a hotel rate rise of up to 5 per cent for some of the key corporate city hubs in Australia and New Zealand in 2019. Accommodation prices in Sydney and Queenstown in the South of NZ are both on the upper end of hotel rate rises...Read more

Single-click bookings around the corner

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered recommendation engines combined with an increased level of trust in new technologies will see ‘one-click’ booking capability introduced for business travellers in the next two years. “This won’t just be a reality...Read more

Real-time ESTA approvals no longer available

There is new advice on the ESTA website advising that 'real-time' ESTA approvals are no longer available. This means that travellers who arrive at the airport without an ESTA for a flight to the USA will NOT be able to obtain one before they board,...Read more

Cabin baggage becomes a weighty issue for all airlines

While once only common with low cost airlines, the practice of weighing passenger’s carry-on baggage is now being instigated across all Australian domestic airlines from this week. The airline industry has decided that it’s time to take a united...Read more

Womenwise speakers stand up for diversity

An audience of 450 females from around the country converged in Sydney recently for Flight Centre Travel Group’s (FCTG) annual Womenwise conference. Now in its third year, the event demonstrated the company’s commitment to fostering gender diversity...Read more

Welcome to AI-powered business travel

Smarter, easier and efficient. Welcome to the new world of AI-powered business travel. Travel technologies have leapt forward with artificial intelligence (AI) revolutionising the way companies book travel. At the recent Illuminate conference hosted...Read more


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